5 Unique Link Chains Everyone Should Know

These days Cuban Link Chains are ubiquitous. If one is to show chain shaped necklace to someone and ask if they have seen it before, the answer will be a resounding yes. Be it in the music videos or in the streets, one can see the tantalizing link patterns everywhere.

Truth of the matter is that the popularity of the Cuban Link Chains has eclipsed some of the other noteworthy jewelry items. Indeed, the Cuban chains deserve all the glam and the praise that they are ceaselessly showered with. But this does not that mean we should ignore other fashion accessories that are also based on Links.

This list attempts to shed light on five such Link Chains that deserve more attention. They are unique in their design and attention worthy in their overall beauty. Above all, these items are readily available for you on Italianaro. Just click on the link to purchase.

Figaro Link Chain Gold Tone

The small circular links joined by oval links are the signature feature of the Figaro Chain. It is closer in its appearance to the Cuban Link Chain due its conspicuous link pattern. However, despite its evident similarity, the Figaro Link Chain has a personality of its own.

The Figaro Chain featured on this store has strong stainless-steel base, so that it may last long. It is plated with Gold to give it an authentic look. You can wear it in all settings, be it formal or informal. Get it today by clicking on the link.

Byzantine Style Link Chain

The Byzantine Styled Chain is particularly unique in its appearance. Its links are not overlapping like regular chains. Instead, it features a bold clasp shaped structure that adjoins the links together. Perfect for formal occasions, it is also ideal for casual wear.

If you are looking for a stand out look then Byzantine Link Chain is a perfect fashion accessory for you. This product is designed to invite attention and intrigue about itself. You can get this Byzantine Link Chain by clicking on the link.

Gold Filled Cuban Link Chain

Although this product is a digression from the title of this blog post as this chain is technically of Cuban Link design. But the uniqueness of its shape and its alluring appeal is what makes us concede and discuss it here in this list.

Usually, we see stand alone Cuban Link Chains that either have Gold or Silver platting. This Link Chain masterfully marries both of them. The silver center of this chain is bordered by a rich and captivating Gold fringe.

It is ideal for men and equally fascinating on women. If you are looking for something to wear on an upcoming formal event than the Gold Filled Cuban Link Chin is perfect treat for you. You can get it at Italianaro in five different lengths.

Iced Out Choker with Letter Pendant

It is not rare to see a jewelry lover wearing a pendant. They are everywhere. But what is unique among pendants is those which come with a letter design. Usually, we see some other funky or urban designs in pendants such as a heart or a ring, depending on the taste of those who wear it.

But to see a valuable letter pedant is a rare sight. It is because of the fact that, despite their evident visual appeal, they have been drowned in the noise of other jewelry items. One may argue that simpler letter pendants are not that rare.

What makes this letter pedant appealing is that it is fully iced out with sparkling diamonds. It will look great any lady who wishes to have a formal look. This is why it is ideal for parties, weddings and other formal events.

Cuban Link Thorn Bracelet

We have seen dozens of iterations of the famed Cuban Link Chain. There has been the curb chain, the rope chain, and so on and so forth. This Cuban Link Thorn Bracelet is perhaps the most unique of all such new designs.

The pointy extensions that border every link of this bracelet are an eye-catching feature. While perfect for men, they are equally beautiful on women. You can get it today by clicking on the link. Whether you want to rock it on formal or informal occasion, this bracelet will always add to your beauty.

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