Different types of Chain Links you might be interested in!

The world of Cuban Link Chains is full of diverse and far-reaching designs. One sees many different type of chain links these days. Their variety is marked by different designs of chain links, their thickness, and the selection of material in the making of chain links. This guide elaborates upon the types of chain links that are present in the market today.

Considering the design, one sees different chain links that are available in wide range of shapes and styles. There are bold designs such as Rope Chain or Cuban Link Chain that bring a heavy look on the wearer of such chain. On the other hand, there are sleeker chains such as figaro and oval link chain.

Box Chain:Box Chain

The geometric patterns of the Box Chain are a unique feature among different types of chain links. They look like flat-rolled plates that square in their shape. This brings an architectural beauty to your jewelry piece – the perfect calibration of parts and pieces, the seamless segueing into each other and the overall outlook.

Snake Chain:

What makes a Snake Chain special is that it is not constituted of discrete, separate parts that standout from the whole. As a matter of fact, the Snake Chain is made up of subtle shapes that coalesce into each other to create this spectacular piece of jewelry. It is not subtle to the point of blandness, on the contrary one can clearly snake’s curves and patterns on this snake chain.

Omega Chain:

Omega ChainAn untrained eye may confuse the Omega Chain as just another chain. But, in the hall of chain link types it is not just another. The Omega Chain, although very wide in its size, is made up of many small individual round plates. These small plates are positioned across each other, thus give a beautiful pattern impact.

Byzantine Chain:

Byzantine ChainThe Byzantine Chain, also known as the King’s Braid, is one of the Italianaro’s popular chains. Its shape is defined by the vertical and the horizontal links that join one another to for an overlapping shape. It is opined that this shape dates back to ancient times, and thus its historic name. Just like many other types, it is made from Gold and Silver.

Figaro Chain:Figaro Chain

Similarly, the Chain Links can be categorized in terms of their design. There is a long array of Chain Link designs available in the unending number of Cuban Link Stores. They range from the effeminate shapes of Figaro Chains to the rustic and rugged stylings of the Rope Chain.


Sharing its name with the legendry Otto Von Bismarck, this unique is also equally legendry when it comes to elegance and beauty. Unlike many other chains, which are made of one chain, and the dozen different manipulations with it, this chain is made up of two chain links, and one unique patterns: parallel soldering.

Curb Chain:

Curb Chain
Perhaps the most recognizable among different chain links, the Curb Chain is known for its boldness and beauty. The less glamorous truth about the Curb Chain is that it is just a variation of your good old Cuban Link Chain. This is done so by molding its width or bending. Interestingly, this also makes it possible to create many different variations of this chain link.


Singapore Chain
The notable feature of the Singapore Chain is that it is designed from a series of flat diamond-cut links. These, and the diamond shaped links, intermingle to form a scheme of overlapping links. It is considered sparkly as the different angles of the links reflect light. The curves on this Singapore Chain are thus a matter of beauty.


Wheat Chain
The Wheat Chain is also known as the Espiga Chain or Palm Chain. The links on this chain are shaped like a V. Its design teeters on the cusp of looking like a Snake chain sometimes, but, be assured that it is not. The V shaped Wheat Chain is known for being sturdy and durable. (Check out our unique wheat chain bracelet)

Bamboo Chain:

Bamboo Chain
As the name implies, the shape of this chain is inspired by nature. The cylindrical links are punctuated by circular ones. These links connect and overlap to form this beautiful shape. It is largely popular in Silver color but can also be bought in Gold.

Lion Pedant:Iced Roaring Lion Pendant with Cuban Link Chain

Different Link Chains can be seen in a variety of untraditional designs too. The world of these fashion jewelry items is not limited to the commonly found round and oval links. Perhaps, the most standout item of Chain Link is the Lion Pedant. The Roaring Lion Pedant can be worn with any kind of Chain Link. It is the hanging pedant with the link that helps it adjust to any kind of chain, and thus makes it stand out. The multiple layers of Gold and Silver plating on this Chain Link add to the charming beauty of this Roaring Lion Pendant.

More About Italianaro’s Different types of Chain Links collection
Iced-out Chains

Similarly, in the arena of different Chain Links, one gets to see the iced-out chains as a particularly notable one. They stand apart in their appearance due to the shiny diamonds that are embedded on the Chain Links. These diamonds are usually of the Zirconia make, and thus are expensive and durable.

Italianaro features all these different link chains for its valued customers. There are dozens of different link chain designs that one can choose from. All of them are made of high-quality material, and also come with after sales customer support. Order your favorite Link Chain now at a discounted price.

Another way to categorize the Link Chains is by their thickness. These chains can range from very sleek designs of few millimeters to very thick shapes of many millimeters. The choice of what one should wear comes down to the personal taste. Be it thin chains or thick Cuban link chains, all can suit well if you know how to bling it.

 Cuban Link Chain

The link chains can also be seen in the context of the place of their origin. Perhaps, the most recognized chain is the Cuban Link. It originated in the ethnic enclaves of Miami Cuba and is wedded to the Hip Hop music movement. That is why it commonly associated with the famous musical artists such as Jay Z and Kanye West.

In fact, the new and upcoming artists also like to show their latest bling in public and in their music videos. They also like to wear the customized Cuban Link Chains. It is usually a pedant that features their name or their favorite mascot. If you want to learn more about the Cuban Link Chains worn by artists, read here.

When it comes to material types one can find different chain links that are made of all kinds of expensive materials. Be it Gold or Silver, there are many different chain links that can be bought in varying material types.

These materials are further categorized depending on their purity levels or their aesthetics. For example, a famous silver plating for Chain Link is of the 925 Sterling Silver. Similarly, Gold plating can be seen in types of Rose Gold, White Gold and Yellow Gold, among others.

These different link chains come about due to the kind of the material that is plated on them. Usually, a single material platting is done. And, thus, we see Silver Link Chains or Gold Link Chains. However, dual plating chains are also common. Therefore, the multi-color and multi-layered chain links like Roaring Lion Pedant are also common.

Also, the different link chains that are available in for purchase can be also be sorted by the price. Their price bracket ranges from thousands of dollars, at upper end, to few hundred dollars, at the lower end. At Italianaro, even the high quality and otherwise expensive Chain Links are available at affordable price.


The beauty of Different Chain Links can also be harnessed to create handsome looking Bracelets. Gone are the times when Bracelets were looked as a fashion item dedicated particularly for adult women. Modern innovations in design techniques of have made it possible to create aesthetically pleasing shapes for all ages and genders.

The one particular strand of Chain links that is famously worn as a bracelet is the Cuban Link Chain. They, as mentioned earlier, come in different shapes and lengths. Therefore, the Miami Link Chain of appropriate size for wrist can be harnessed into the beautiful looking bracelet.

This is no to imply that Bracelets only come in thin looking shapes. We have seen bold bracelets too that catch eye due to the virtue of their thickness. They are absolute solid units! Not only this, the different chain links designed these days offer us to concoct unique and novel designs.

Cuban Link Thron BraceletCuban Link Thorn Bracelet

Take the example of this Cuban Link Thorn Bracelet. It is made from the chain links that look like thorns. It is not only beautiful but also very durable. The diamond icing on it embedded in the bracelet by a long-lasting material. The whole shape holds together in its place due in a very fashionable style.

Stainless Steel Biker Chain

Similarly, if you are a fan of a tough look the take a peek at this Stainless Steel Biker Chain. It is crafted to look like the chain of a bike. The imitation is immaculate. Its stainless steel material gives it raw and long lasting life. The design is also scaled to look good on wrists, and the greasiness of the original chain is also eliminated to bring a clean appearance.

On the other hand, people from different professional backgrounds also prefer different chain links crafted to reflect their own profession. Just like that people also wish to show case their values through their necklaces, bracelets and chains. Therefore, we see various chain links that tell meaningful quotes and aspirational messages.

Custom Cuban Link Chains

Cuban Link Chains with name are also becoming common. This trend can be attributed to the Hip Hop Stars, Rappers, and other musical celebrities of the same ilk. They prefer wearing their name carrying chains in the music videos as a bling and fashion statement.

It is perhaps from there that the different chain links with the names of the individual are becoming popular in demand. People are asking for custom Cuban Link Chains with their names on them. Soon, Italianaro will be rolling out this service where you can order your favorite pedant with your name on it.


When it comes to Chokers, the different chain links that we see in the world of fashion jewelry today can also be worn as unique beautiful style of chokers. They come in a variety of shape, hues, colors and designs. The kind of choker you should wear comes down to your own liking.

Today, it would be wrong to say that Chokers are only made for women. Thanks to evolution of male fashion jeweler design that we can see aesthetically pleasing chokers for male consumers too. This innovation has rendered obsolete the idea of decades past that choker are only for women.

Letter Choker

You can see chokers that are laden with diamonds and those that are plated with gold or your favorite iteration of silver. Letter choker with Icing is also in vogue. You can get a choker with the initials of your name in it. Chokers with Miami Cuban Link Chain design are also widely loved.

6mm Iced Out Choker

If you are lady looking for a sleek choker to suit your looks than you should go for a 6mm Iced Out Choker. It will bring uniqueness to your appearance as it merges itself to the rest of the attire and does not stand out in a bold way. It adds to the personality and enhances fashionable look.

20mm Diamond Cuban Link Choker

For men, it is advised to choose the heavy looking chokers such as this 20mm Diamond Cuban Link Choker. The bold and stand out appearance will bring a rugged touch to your masculine persona. It looks elegant since it is made from high quality material, and thus also last long. Also, the Italianaro’s helpful customer support will bring you the peace of mind while making the purchase.

The different chain links we have seen until now employ a wide array of characteristics into their models so that many new beautiful and elegant varieties of chains can be created. This is done to present the customers with unique new options so that they can choose one for their own liking. Afterall, the world of fashion and jewelry revolves around variety and aesthetics.


Many a times customers complain that the different chain links that they buy are usually poor in their material selection and thus don’t last long. They say that the link chain that they purchased was not only expensive but also came with a promise of long life and a prolonged duration of customer support.

It is important of note that the cause of poor durability of chain links might be rooted in two factors. First, the material choice in the making of the chain link, as usually pointed by customer, is substandard. Thus, when the piece of jewelry is worn for prolonged period of time, it fails to sustain itself and breaks down.

Second, if the chain link of your choice is actually made of decent materials and yet still fails to live a long life, then the cause of its failure in face of regular use is that it is not designed well. The good quality units that were joined together to make the whole were connected in a weak fashion, thus they break in face of force.

Italianaro eliminates both these possibilities by choosing the high-quality materials and great techniques in the manufacturing of the product. This is why our Cuban link chains last long and retain their elegance and shine even when used for a long period of time.

The high-quality materials in question that go in to the making of different chain links are acquired from reliable sources that sustain ethical, moral and legal standards in their production and delivery. Ethics and morality are ingrained in the business model of the Italianaro.


Gold Cuban Link Chains

Namely, the most loved and revered material in the choice of Cuban Link Chains is the Gold. Since, the Italianaro’s jewelry, as its name suggest, is based on Italian design techniques, Gold is dearly and wholly used in the design and manufacture of most of the Chains that you see on our store.

Be it 24k Cuban Link Chain or 8k one, the gold used in its making is as per the expectation of the customer and the price range of the chain. We take pride in the humble efforts that we put in the manufacturing of these beautiful products and the high quality of service we deliver to our valued customers.

As is widely known to our customers, Solid Gold remains the most valuable and perhaps the most loved material of choice when it comes to jewelry. It is indeed the one of the most valuable material in the world. The solid gold we chose to use in the making of our product is done with the thought in mind that it should not wear off.

The color of your Gold Cuban Link Chain will not scuff or discolor over time, thanks to the high standard of plating techniques that we use. This platting is done on the Stainless-Steel or Brass. It is also done besides the sterling silver, if the customer wishes to have multi-color chain.

It is necessary to care of your different chain links if you wish to have long lasting shine and glow of your Cuban link chain. Do follow the concomitant instruction manual that comprehensively lists what should be done and what should be done in this regard. This usually includes the tips on how to wash your chain links and how to store them for a prolonged period of time.

Silver Cuban Link Chains

The world of Different Chain Links is not limited to the Gold. The buck doesn’t stop there. The second in rank to the Gold is the esteemed and all-time favorite Silver. Its ease of affordability, beauty and elegance all chip in to make it a popular material that goes into the making of the Chains.

Perhaps, the most notable iteration of the Cuban Link Chains is the 925 Sterling Silver. It is valuable for it is made from the 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper. It is further plated with the strong and aesthetically pleasing Rhodium to bring a luster to it.

In case someone wishes to buy a cheaper alternative to silver chains, we have also made that available in the ever-expanding collection on our store. They are similar in shine and luster to the original silver, and yet they are made of altogether different material. These materials, needless to mention, are also beautiful and reliable.

Filling vs Platting Gold Chains

Different Chain Link can also be seen from the eye of the filling that is done unto them or the platting is coated on the chains. Usually, the two are confused thus it is important to keep an eye out for the difference that is present between them.

Gold platting is one of the techniques that Italianaro uses among many of its crafting methods. Premium quality gold chains are brought into existence by the use of Gold platting on the chains. The Brass or Stainless-Steel material is dipped into the Gold, and this is how it comes to be called as Gold Platting.

After the platting is done on the Brass or Stainless Steel base the Gold makes up to be around 1 percent of the overall material weight. Any less then the one percent will not be seen as the Gold Platting. The technique of gold platting helps us bring the same outlook of the Gold Bar on a regular chain and that too at an affordable price.

Sometimes another technique is also used which is called as the Gold Filling. The Gold Filled Cuban Link Chains are equally impressive and posses the higher standards of longevity and durability. As a result the usually cost more than the Gold Platting technique chains.

Just like the other method, in Gold Filling, the stainless steel or brass base is dipped in the Gold. After this, it is taken through the mechanical bonding process. This ensures that the gold remains attached to  its base in a stronger fashion.

In case of the Gold Filling, the layer is much thicker as compared to the Gold Platting. In fact, the Gold constitutes as the 5% of the overall weight of the Chain. This is the main reason behind the long life of the chain and its prolonged shine and color.

Different Chain Links that we see are usually designed around the idea that the consumer would like to wear them in the shape of the Choker, Bracelet or a Necklace. It is a reductionist view that limits the capabilities that different link chains possess.

Iced-Out Wrist Watch

The world is now witnessing the rise of a new iteration of Chain fashion category, namely the Chain based Wrist watch. Earlier the watches were thought of to be the good old fashioned classic designs where the wrist wrap was made of the regular strap or the rectangular units. Indeed they also looked beautiful but to the modern audience of Hip hop and the rap music they are trite to the point of repetition. The people now demand uniqueness in the arena of the Wrist Watches too. Italianaro strives hard to bring to everyone the unique chain based styles of wrist watches. Iced out jewelry is the corner stone of the Hip Hop fashion industry. When married with the chains it shoots up in its aesthetic capability and captivating allure. The Cuba Link Chain bracelets merge beautifully with the wrist watch.

These wrist watches are laden with diamonds in a captivating fashion. Their beauty is only surpassed by their quality. In terms of the fashion statement they are in sync with the rap and hip hop. If you are looking for that then this is the perfect piece of jewelry for you. The wrist watches in question usually come in piece of three or two. This include the wrist watch, bracelet and a necklace. All of them carry a common element that sews them together with a shared thread. In most cases it is the color of these pieces and the icing done on the body.

Buy different types of chain links at Italianaro

Different chain links have been elaborated upon in this piece to add to the existing body of knowledge on the chains. They, as mention earlier in detail, can be categorized by many ways. Such as they can be sorted by their thickness, design or the material used.

Italianaro offers these high-quality different chain links to it esteemed customers. From Cuban Link Chains to chokers and from wrist watches to bracelets, our aesthetically pleasing and materially enduring chains are known for their high quality and elegance. You can get your now today from our store.

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