Gold Cuban Link Chains

 Italianaro’s Gold Cuban Link Chain

A Gold Cuban Link Chain is perhaps one of the most famous chains, and also one of the most loved link chains in the world. You can see them being flaunted by famous music and movie stars. What makes them unique is the quality and the value they carry. The Gold Miami Cuban Link Chains are expensive, after all they are made from Gold.

At our store you can find high quality Cuban Link Chains without going broke. We bring top notch Gold Cuban Link Chains at an affordable price for all, without compromising on our high standards of quality and design.

Popular Gold Chain Styles

 Cuban Link Chain

Cuban link chain is perhaps the most popular of all Gold chain styles that you can choose. It has long dominated the gold jewelry industry across the globe. It looks like oval shape links that overlap to form a rope style shape. You can buy one today from our store; just select yours from dozens of choices here.

Franco Chain

Franco chain is also similar to Cuban Link Chain but it has a very fundamental difference in one aspect and that is the smaller link it has. These smaller links, in comparison to regular Cuban link chain, pull the rope or chain closer together and thus giving the impression of tightness.

Figaro Chain

Figaro chain is also a very beautiful and elegant piece of gold fashion jewelry that you can chose for yourself or your loved ones. What makes Figaro chain unique is that it has varying sizes of link on it. This gives it a character that helps it stand out from dozens of other link chains. So, if you want to stand out in your gold jewelry choice, opt for Figaro Chain.

Curb Chain

Curb chain is one of the most sought out gold chain style. The main attraction of a Curb chain is that that links in it more spaced when compared to the other link chains. You can actually see through these patterns to some extent. If you want to opt for this beautiful peculiar look, shop for it right now from our store.

Rope Chain

Rope chain is very popular among pop stars, athletes and hip hop or rap fans. It is designed with thicker links that give it an impression of a rope. If you want to be creative with a rope chain, pair it with other popular chains such as figaro chain or other fashion accessories for example a pendant or a watch.

How to style your Gold Chain

You might have been thinking about buying a gold chain for yourself or as a gift for your near and dears. But question may be lingering in your mind, as it does in the minds of many others, that how to style this expensive item of jewelry. Here, we will guide you how to style your gold chain.

Selecting gold type

First and foremost of the decision you need to make is what kind of gold do you want your chain to be. Yes, there are many different types of gold, some of the popular of them are yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. You can select one depending on your taste. You might also want pair two different types together.

Pairing or solo

Second thing you need to decide while styling your gold chain is that whether you want to have singular chain, also known as going solo, or pair it with other chains. Solo link chain will bring you a simpler and sleeker style. While pairing it with a similar or a different chain, such as Franco chain with Curb one, will bring a rich look.

Why are Gold Cuban Link Chains so popular?

The Gold Cuban Link Chains are popular because they are wedded to one of the most popular industries – the world of music. Miami Cuban Chains were first worn and popularized by rap stars and hip-hop musicians. This brought the beautiful Cuban Link Chain to the forefront of the public imagination.

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