The Definitive Guide to Buying Cuban Link Chain

The Miami Cuban Link Chain is perhaps one of the most recognizable pieces of jewelry of our times, especially in Hip Hop world. Irrespective of the fact that it might be know by different names such as Rapper Chain, Cuban Link, Miami Chain, Rope Chain, Franco Chain, or just Gold Chain, the Cuban Link Chain is known for its peculiar shape, and complexity which merits a buying guide for it.

There are different options available with regards to the size, style, shape, material color, quality, and price that can leave a new entrant a little confused. Thus, this definitive guide to buying Cuban Link Chain will provide you with the necessary knowledge which you must have before buying it.

What material of Miami Cuban Link Chains should you choose?

Gold Cuban Link Chain is the most famous of all. It is understandable as Gold is considered to be a luxury item and more people wish to have it. However, despite all its apparent elegance and beauty it is also expensive and might not suit all.

In this regard, other options can also be explored, such as the Silver Cuban Link Chain. It is not only more affordable but also luxurious in its style and mesmerizing in its beauty. There are many options available within gold and silver such as Rose Gold, White Gold, and 925 Sterling Silver.

silver cuban link chain

What Size should you get?

There are dozens of different sizes available with regards to the length and the width of a Link Chain. A thicker chain will bring a bold look. This look is largely favored and popularized by the rappers. Their way of styling can be seen here.

If you seek a sleeker look than a thinner chain will be fine. As it adds subtility to your appearance and goes well on all occasions. As for the length of the chain you can choose any depending on what kind of clothes you are wearing.

You can get creative with a very long Cuban Link as it offers opportunity to make multiple layers out of it. The more the layers the denser style it will look like. It is largely a matter of personal taste when it comes to choosing the length and width of the Miami Chain.

Other Option You Should Explore

Contrary to popular conception, the world of Cuban Link Chains is not limited to the ‘Chains’. There are many other options available within this category of product. It is unnecessary to limit yourself to link styled chains, as Cuban Chains are also available in many different styles.

One such design is the Figaro Chain. It has links that are quite unlike the classic Cuban Links. They are thinner, sleeker, and subtler. Similarly, you can also check out the Coffee Bean Link Chain. Its oval-shaped links are styled after, as the name implies, Coffee Beans.

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