How to maintain your Cuban Link Chain?

To buy the right kind of Cuban Link Chain for yourself is one matter, but to maintain your beloved chain to its best health for years to come is wholly another matter. Some Miami Chains are more sensitive than others; this might be because of the design or the material used. Therefore, their tangible nature merits more precaution in terms of caretaking and maintenance.

This blog explores the tips and tricks that you can follow to upkeep your favorite Miami Cuban Link Chain. This includes precautions regarding the environment in which a Gold or Silver Chain can be worn and the material and method that you can use to wash them. This will ensure prolonged life and an enhanced outlook for your chains, necklaces, chokers, wristwatches, among other Cuban link-based items.

Maintaining polish

If you wish to keep the original shine and glow of you chain do not unnecessarily expose it to water. Also avoid scrubbing it to rough surfaces. As this can peter out the outer layer and make it thin, and thus decreasing its shine.

If there are scratches on your chain you can get it polished from a reliable service center. Be it Gold or Silver, the rules of maintaining polish apply to both of the link chains. However, the Gold might need increased caution as it is more expensive and more sensitive.

Washing with water

As advised earlier it is not suggested to unnecessarily wash your link chain with water as it can decrease its shine over time. However, there might be some situations where you might have no choice but to wash it with water.

Such situations might include aggregation of dirt on the link chain or spilling of drink on it. In this scenario it is definitely necessary to wash it up with water. But you should always clean it with dry cloth afterwards so that no water remains on it. Because any left-over water can be a potential cause behind future rust or depreciation of shine.

Storing Cuban Link Chains

There might be occasions in which you might want to store your Cuban Link Chain in a safe. You might be considering to buy and try out a new chain. Or the occasion to wear it, such as a party or a wedding, has passed and it is of no use to wear it.

In this scenario you have no choice but to store it for long term. You should take caution in placing it at a setting where it is less moist and there is little passing of air. It is preferable to keep it in specialized safes that are made for jewelry.

This way you can fool proof your chain from any rust. Its shine and luster will also be maintained for long term. And you can remain care free with regards to its protection.

Polishing Brush and Cloth

If you think that your Cuban Link Chain is losing its shine and that it is time to polish then you should do it by using a specialized Brush and Cloth only. At the first place, it is preferable to leave this task to the specialists. However, if the circumstances leave no other choice then you should do it with a specialized brush and cloth only.

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