How to wear Cuban Link Chain like a pro?

On these pages, we have frequently advised our readers about the right kind of Miami Cuban Link Chains. From discussing the design process behind making of the Chains, Pedants, Chokers, Iced Out Chains, and Italian jewelry, to describing the considerations that must be undertaken before selection of the Link Chain, all has been covered here. However how to wear Cuban Link Chain like a pro has largely been left behind.

But what deserves a special consideration now is how to wear a Cuban Link Chain; not just to wear it like a regular person, but to wear it like a pro. After all, the world of Chains has grown manifold, and in order to stand apart in it, one needs to take steps that are not followed by the crowd.

In this regard, we turn to the popular celebrities who rock their bling like no one else. We look to them for guidance for they are the folks who popularized this Cuban piece of fashion jewelry at the first place.

How to wear Cuban Link Chain like a pro, what kind of clothes one should wear with a Cuban Link Choker, or what style of bracelet should go with a Cuban Link Pedant, all becomes clear after looking at how Jay Z styles it or how Rihanna wore it at the red carpet, among other celebrities.

The Pope Smoke Style

Pope Smoke Gold Necklace

Pair a thicker link Chain with a thinner one and choose a pedant of your own name to hang it with. This is the signature Pop Smoke style and will go well for all. A Gold Filled or Gold Plated link chain will be a right starting point, and an iced out alphabet pedant will advance the look to a new level.

Kim Kardashian’s Choker

Kim Kardashian Choker

It is rare to see Kim Kardashian rocking an iced-out choker. She clearly needs to get into Cuban Link fashion. Anyway, whenever she does, it is a treat to watch. Her choice of Iced Out Choker is perhaps not unusual to find, but it tells us that your Cuban joyas doesn’t need to be rare and expensive. Any piece of Miami Link Choker can do great if you are confident enough.

The Jay Z Classic

Jay Z Cuban Link Chain

When it comes to Cuban Link Chains, Jay Z likes to keep it classic. He does not like entertain the newbie stuff very much. It is not to say that he can’t be seen flaunting the latest design of Sterling Silver Chains with Pendants, he can be. But the matter of fact is, his is a name that has become synonymous with Classic Cuban Link Chains. So, if you like, you can go classic too.

Rihanna’s confidence and Cuban Link Choker

Rihanna Gold Necklace

Rihanna likes to keep things bold with the Cuban Link Choker. The oversized bold choker borders the neck in an elegant manner. It is bold, yet subtle. This is perfect style for anyone who wants to rock their Cuban links in the street and at work too. If you want this look you can get similar chokers from this store.

Kanye West’s Long Cuban Link Chain

Kanye West Cuban Link Chain

When it comes to Kanye West’s school of Miami Cuban Link Chains we see longer and sleeker chains with unorthodox pedants. He prefers yellow gold over rose gold and silver. It is largely a matter of taste and might not be a go to choice for most people. But it is certainly a design choice worth considering if you are really into these chains.

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