Our Materials

Italian Designed Chains

Italianaro’s jewelry, as the name suggested, is based on Italian design techniques. Fashion and aesthetics have advanced in Italy over a millennium. We take pride in building on this rich heritage through our humble efforts as jewelry specialists. It is our goal to bring Italian based jewelry at an affordable price. Here you will find inspiring and moving Italian jewelry items at competitive prices.

Solid Gold

Solid Gold is perhaps one of the most valuable materials in the world. It does not scuff or discolors as it is a pure material. Depending on the jewelry being designed, Solid Gold is used in platting or filling of the Stainless-Steel, Brass or the Sterling Silver. Usually, 14K Solid Gold is used, but depending on the need higher or lower Karats of Gold is also used.

To take best care of you Solid Gold jewelry, always ensure to follow the concomitant precautionary measures. This will ensure its longevity and durability in face of tough condition.

925 Sterling Silver

At Italianaro, you will see that most of our Silver Jewelry items are made from 925 Sterling Silver. It is a valuable material that has 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper in it. Furthermore, the strong and durable base material of 925 Sterling Silver is plated with Rhodium to bring enhanced shine to it. This also adds to its life and strength. Besides the jewelry with 925 Sterling Silver base, we also offer items with similar appearance and shine, except that it is not made up of Sterling Silver material.

In order to make your Silver chains, pedants, bracelets and other pieces of jewelry last long, do not wear them at instances where there is more chance of scrubbing. Also, avoid bringing it unnecessarily in contact with the water. As, prolong exposure to makes Sterling Silver lose its shine.

Gold Plated

24k Gold Plated Miami Cuban Link Iced Out Choker

Italianaro covers wide ranging jewelry designs all based on multitudes of crafting methods. One such technique we employ to bring premium quality Gold products is the Gold Platting. In this case the Brass or Stainless-Steel base material is dipped into the Gold. After the platting, Gold constitutes as around 1% among the overall weightage of the product. This helps us bring the same allure and aesthetics of the Gold at an affordable price for our valued customers.

Since the platting is thinner when compared with other methods of Gold Bonding, it is also cheaper than the others. However, it is prone to wear, and can rub off over prolonged period of time.

Gold Filled

Figaro Link chain Gold tone

For the sake of increased longevity, the Gold-Filled method is employed on some of our jewelry. In this technique, the base metal – be it stainless-steel or sterling silver – is dipped in Gold. It is then taken through a mechanical bonding process. Unlike the dipping process of Gold plating, the mechanical bonding process ensures a stronger attachment of Gold with the base material.

Our Gold-Filled jewelry has much thicker Gold coating than the plating. As a matter of fact, 5% of the overall weight is owed to Gold in it. The Karat number is also stamped on the item.