Rapper Chains: Most expensive jewelry in the world

When it comes to the world of Cuban Link Chains, it has become synonymous with the Rappers, thus the other popular name of it: rapper chains. It is rare to come across a fan of Rap who is not fascinated by rapper jewelry.

It does not matter who is your favorite rapper. The rapper chains are bling that is liked by all rappers, be it Jay Z, Drake, Notorious Big, or any other rapper of old order such as Tupac. This article explores some of the most famous rapper chains of all time and also elaborates upon the conundrum that why these chains are so expensive.

Expensive Rapper Chain


Most expensive chains in the world

Often, we note that the rapper chains are seen as the most expensive chains in the world. This is not a conjecture anymore because famous rappers have shared the price of their jewelry public, and by God, they are really expensive. This will be explored later here that how expensive the rapper chains can be sometimes.

What makes them so expensive?

The question arises what makes the rapper chains so expensive. The answer lies in the fact that the rapper chains are usually made from the most expensive of the materials that go into the making of a Cuban Link Chain.

The Hip Hop Artists and the Rappers really like to show their bling and this is the reason that they go to the extreme end of getting the most expensive chains in the world manufactured particularly for them.

Another factor that can be attributed to the sky-high price of a Gold Chain is the brand name of the manufacturer. We know that it is not just the price of the material but also the perception of the manufacturer that determines the price.

Italianaro cuts through this problem of artificial inflation of the Cuban Link Chains and provides its customer the high-end chains at an affordable price. It is made possible by modern design techniques and an astute selection of materials.

Jay Z Chain

The chains that the rapper Jay Z wore is considered the most expensive of all time and for a valid reason. This gold seeped beauty is rich in its look and unparalleled in its beauty. Jay Z perhaps has earned a lot of brownie points just for his unique chains.

He has also featured it in many music videos and also in his public appearance, on tv shows, and on red carpet walks. Jay Z’s expensive rapper chain is an attribution to the fact that how popular the Cuban Link Jewelry is in the world of hip hop and rap.

Rick Ross Chain

Another notable name in the hall of rappers when it comes to rapper jewelry is Rick Ross. What earned him a face in the arena of rapper chains is the face chain that he wears. Rick Ross is known for flaunting a Cuban Link Chain with his face on it.

One must grant the ingenuity that has gone into the making of such a design. Speaking from personal experience making a Link Chain in the first place is an expensive and exacting task. Therefore, one needs to admire the maker of Rick Ross’s face chain.

Various Chains named after the artists:

Rapper’s chain embodies a message. It always carries a statement in itself. The rapper chain speaks out loud about the rapper that he is not a part of the crowd, not a sheep, but a distinct person, someone who matters.

Although various other modes of conveying this statement to the public are also used such as the shirt or any other clothing item that a said rapper is wearing. However, when it comes to the chains, no other item speaks out loud in conveying the message than it.

This is why we see many different chains named after their rapper: Pharrell Chain, Biggie Smalls Chain, Gucci Mane Chain, Lil Jon Chain, Rick Ross Chain, and Crunk Ain’t Dead Chain. All of them are unique in their own way and embody the charisma and personality that the rapper is known for.

Kanye West Gold Chain

Ever since his overture in the world of hip hop, the famous Kanye West has always been in the new, sometimes for his idiosyncratic behavior and other times for his personal life problems. However, as for the chain enthusiasts, they know him for his particular choices of the Cuban Link Chains.

Sometimes we see him styling his favorite gold chain. The linking patterns of the Kanye West Gold Chain are made of gold and form a beautiful structure. It is very close to the classic style of the Miami Cuban Link Chain.

Kanye West has also been seen in his Gold Bracelet. It is very much like any other gold bracelet except that it has the brand name of Kany West imbibed in it and thus carries esteem and attraction that other regular bracelets, despite looking exactly like it, don’t embody.

Where do rappers get their chains?

Now the question arises wherein the name of the world do these rappers get their chains from. We have seen many different stores making and selling chains but when it comes to the rappers these chains are no were to be found.

The chains found on the most popular of the stores don’t match in style to that of what the rappers flaunt on the red carpet. We can say that the reason for this mismatch is that your popular store has not really caught up yet to the trend that is about to come in the market.

Rappers themselves create the trend for chains:

Indeed, the rappers are the trendsetters when it comes to the Miami Cuban Link Chains. They come with their new fancy designs in their music videos and the public quickly catches them. However, to produce it in mass quantity is a time taking work and the designers of such chains require some time to do so.

Therefore, when it comes to rapper chains it takes some time for them to become fully available in the market. However, Italianaro makes sure that the latest design of rapper chains is made available to our esteemed buyers at the earliest time possible.

So, this is the reason that you don’t see the rapper chains in the market usually. However, when they become famous, they are easily available.

Rappers tend to use their own chain designer to craft the custom designs that they wear. These designers pour their skill into the manufacture of the specialized styles for the rappers whom they work for. This is how we get to see unique variants of the chains in every new rap music video.

However, not all rappers tend to wear new designs. Some like to style with the classic chains of Cuban Link make. The old school designs of the Cuban Link Chain are still popular among the young and the old. So, rappers are not exempt from this trend.

These classic designs of Chain are easily available for all enthusiasts in almost all the Cuban Link Chain stores across the globe. Thus, it is probable to make this remark that the rappers also get their classic chains from sources no different from the rest of us.

So, Why rapper chains are so expensive?

You might have been wondering that usually a gold chain or a silver Cuban Link Chain costs from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. But when it comes to the rapper chains their starting point is dozens of thousands of dollars.

After all, how different can the rapper chain be from other regular chains that it becomes so very much expensive? Because the material used in them is also almost the same such as gold, silver, and stainless steel. Then what is the reason that can make a rapper chain so expensive?

Perhaps the answer lies in the material composition of the rapper chains. No matter how similar it looks to other chains, the hip-hop artists like to use the fines quality of gold and silver in their chains. This pumps to a hundred times.

Gold, as you know, can be categorized into different karat content. Some have a higher percentage of raw gold in them. While others have a relatively low gold content. The low gold content chains are usually mixed with other alloys to make a composite metal that totally looks like the original pure gold. But it is not.

Rapper chains are usually made from the complete content of gold. This is the reason that the price of these chains is unparalleled in the gold market too. Be it Jay Z’s chain or anyone else’s the trend is the same in the material composition of these chains.

Rapper Earrings

The craze of gold bling is not limited to the chains. Rappers also like to wear earrings that are made from pure gold or from silver. They look great and go well along with the style of a rapper. You can easily find them in the most popular of the music videos of your favorite rapper.

What makes these rapper earrings so fascinating is that they beautifully harmonize with the hip-hop fashion style. You don’t necessarily need to get a piercing for a rapper earring, as the modern designs have made it possible to wear the most fashionable of these items with great comfort.

The Gucci Mane Earrings are particularly notable in this regard. They feature diamond-shaped icing in their bottom and are very aesthetically pleasing.

Rapper Bracelet

Be it Kanye, Pharrell or Drake, or any of your beloved rappers, it is not unusual to see them wearing a bracelet. Usually, they like to style a gold bracelet. But sometimes you can also see them wearing a silver or stainless-steel bracelet.

For example, Jay Z bracelet is now a fashion item of its own style that is named after the rapper himself. Such as the Pharrell chain is named after the rapper musician Pharrell.

The Rapper Bracelets are usually designed like the Cuban Link Chains as their interlinking patterns come together to form a pattern that is almost similar in design to the Miami Cuban Links. This is joined at the bottom with a clasp. It helps in holding the bracelet in its place.

Rap Jewelry

The Rap Jewelry, most of which is discussed above, is seen as separate from other forms of jewelry such as wedding jewelry or office jewelry. The reason behind this discretion of rap jewelry from other kinds of jewelry is that it is rap jewelry is born and nurtured in the tradition of rap while others are not.

Rap as a genre of pop music become particularly popular in the 70s and has continued to mature ever since. While other kinds of music styles were also picking up during this time the rap remained nebulous in its distinction from those other genres and was sometimes seen as a part of them or a variation of them but never really a distinct style of its own.

Rap jewelry is an integral part of hip hop outlook:

It is only recently that rap has become a separate stand-alone music genre. One reason for that is the maturity in its imagery and music that it has gained over time. The Rap jewelry, although not a part of music in itself, really helps with conveying the message that the lyrics or the musical backdrop is trying to convey.

The Rap jewelry tells us about the rapper and the lyrics. Mostly it conveys that the subject of this song is disgruntled with the society, that it craves for a change, and that he or she is not someone who can be easily subdued by the authorities that be or the society that is always dishing out some commandments for the individual to be followed.

What Rap jewelry speaks?

Rap jewelry speaks of disobedience of the old order and the creation of a new one. It calls for, longs for a new society. It is not just a piece of metal or a glossy little object of beauty but a far bigger, potent message that is embodied in its design.

Italianaro stands for not only these beautiful designs of Rap Jewelry but also the message they carry. You can get your favorite rap jewelry today from our online store.

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