Why is it called a Cuban Link Chain?

You might have wondered about the logic behind the name of the Cuban Link Chain. After all, its name is linked to geography, but it is ubiquitous around the world. This rises curiosity in minds of those who adore this piece of jewelry.

A piece of gold cuban link chain

It is called Cuban Link Chain because it was first designed in Cuban enclaves of Miami. This also explain why it is also called Miami Cuban Link Chain.

During the early seventies, when the Hip-Hop Culture was in its early budding years, and was not as popular as it is today, the Link Chains were forged right where this new music genre was taking its roots. Even then, in Miami, the Cuban Link Chains could be seen.

 Man wearing a Miami cuban link zirconia bracelet

So how did this piece of jewelry leave the sleepy towns and entered almost every urban center of the world? This also has to do with the popularity of the Rap and Hip-Hop music. As it grew popular, the Chain also grew popular.

Today, you can see it not only in United States but also in every major metropolitan of the world. It is an accessory that is wholly linked to music. The Hip-Hop influenced other music genres; it exported not only its rhythms and beats, but also the accessories and visuals that are employed in its videos.

Miami Cuba might be birthplace of the Cuban Link Chain but it is not a limiting factor for it. It is ubiquitous in its presence and open for new design alterations for whole of the world. Due to this, you can see dozens of different variations of it.

From Curb Chain to Link Bracelets, the Miami Cuban Link Chain is can be seen in different applications as well. You can rock the interlinking patterns of it on your neck, wrist or as belt; sky is the limit when it comes to being creative with this jewel.

All this information regarding the origin of the Cuban Link Chain also helps us explain why it so expensive most of the time. You might have seen musicians like Jay Z rocking their Link Bling that costs more than hindered thousand dollars.

The mystique and charisma that these chains have aggregated around themselves is the reason behind the sky-high prices that you see. Truth be told the materials used in these chains are not as expensive as they are made out to be.

Indeed, Gold is expensive, but not as expensive as to turn a small sized Cuban Link Chain into a multi-thousand-dollar burden. Italianaro believes in it providing beauty and elegance to all an affordable price. This is the reason that you can see Cuban Link Chains at affordable prices here. [Shop Gold Cuban link chains here.]

However, this is not to imply that the materials and manufacturing process behind our Miami Link Chains is compromised or is any different from the ones that you see on other stores that sell the same product for thousands of dollars.

At Italianaro, quality is of prime importance. All our materials are acquired from reliable and high-quality sources. The manufacturing process is also refined so that no chance of error is left. This gives rise to question that how the prices are lowered.

The answer lies in the fact that Italianaro is a mission driven organization. We see it as our goal to bring beauty, class and elegance to every person. This is the reason we squeeze our profit margins to the minimum, and keep this company afloat on high volume of our sales.

While talking about the origin of the Cuban Link Chains and Italianaro, it is noteworthy to mention that why an Italian Jewelry inspired brand is offering the Link Chains that are essentially Cuban in their origin and history.

It is because of the fact that while the origin of these chains is indeed Cuban they are not limited to when it comes to their future. The future of Cuban Link Chains is open to all of the world, and it is certainly open for those who want to see an Italian twist to this brand.

Our Hip-Hop inspired Cuban Link Chains are forged in the Italian design techniques. Here you can also see our special Cuban Link Chains that are designed to bring a new twist to the old school Cuban Link Chains and enamor your personality with modern appearance.


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