Our love for urban jewelry has always the derived genius behind ITALIANARO.

Cuban Link Chains

 We provide perfectly elegant and dainty jewelry for both men and women. Each glittering ounce, each sparkling bead is placed in its position with great care and affection to meet the highest standards of beauty and design for our valued customers.

Our offerings include Miami Cuban link chains, hip-hop style jewelry, gold Cuban link chains, iced out watches, Cuban link silver chains, Cuban link bracelets, and Cuban chokers, among many more.

Whether you harken back to the old school styles of curb chains or are a fan of the trendy street-style Miami Cuban link; whether you want a 6 mm or a 10 mm Cuban link chain, our store has covered it all for you. 

At Italianaro, you’ll find the best price for the highest quality cuban link chains.

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Cuban Link Chain looks great with casual wear. If your choice of clothing is jeans and t-shirt, Cuban Link Chain — be it gilded gold, sterling silver or iced out — is a no brainer for you. Choose longer and thicker link chains for an accentuated and bold appearance. If you prefer a subtle look, opt for shorter and sleeker chains. Irrespective of the choice, our Cuban link chains will always give you most gratification.


Let your colleagues know that you mean business by donning a Cuban link chain to business. Bet it suit and tie, or khakis and polo shirt on a casual Friday, Miami link chains go well along all forms of formal wear. It will be a real power move in meetings and deliberations.

What are Cuban link chains?

 You might have heard about this often if you are an avid follower for pop culture, a fan of latest music or just an observer of the world around you. The short answer is that it is a piece of jewelry that is distinctly oval in shape at its most basic level, and when seen overall, it looks like rope which is formed by interconnected links.

It can also be seen as a variant of the regular chains or necklaces. But one thing that ought not be ignored about these chains — bottom line that defines them – is the oval links that overlap to form a rope-shaped design. These links intersect to create a cable shaped pattern, which brings to it the characteristic and traditional look.

Often, these chains are seen as a traditional piece of fashion, but it has modernity and trendiness ingrained into it; so, we can argue that it is a timeless jewelry. It has intrigue and swagger built into it.

Origin of Cuban Link chains

One often comes across the golden or silver sparkling chains hanging around the neck of men, and sometimes women. This chain, which is commonly called Cuban Link Chain, is a common phenomenon now, is seen in almost every urban center of the world now. This begs question: where did Cuban Link Chain come from?

Cuban Link Chains originated in the 1970s from within hip-hop and rap culture. The emergence of hip-hop culture is the genesis of these Chains. So, when the rap and hip hop rose, Italianaro also rose.

There are diverse opinions regarding the exact dates and individuals which influenced the fashion — particularly jewelry — to lead to the creation of Miami Cuban link chains. Nevertheless, Italianaro has achieved the highest rank in ever growing list of fashionables, accessories and jewelry items.

Today, it is seen as a primary accessory of Hip Hop and Rap fans.

While rap and hip-hop related attire kept evolving with immense pace, changing with each iteration, one thing did not change or disappear: Cuban Link Chain. Over the past five decades, this piece of jewelry has kept true to its roots, refusing to ebb away or peter out.

The wide-legged baggy jeans was replaced by sleeker skinny jeans and sometimes even a bootcut. But the Cuban links stayed closer to its original form.

Miami Cuban Link Chain

Indeed, there were periods when the Cuban Link Chain craze was not at its zenith, but even then, it was surviving and thriving in Miami, from where it borrows its other popular name — the Miami Cuban Link Chain.

Miami, in fact, is the melting pot — the inferno — where the Cuban Link Chain was forged in its modern form. Even in its low days, if you strolled across the Cuban enclaves of Miami, there was very high chance that you’ll encounter someone proudly flaunting their pair of Miami Chains.

Today, the landscape of Miami Cuban Link Chains is very different. It has achieved unparalleled popularity in diverse cultures, age groups, socio-economic segments and geographies. And, above all, it is still expected to keep growing.

As the rap and hip-hop music seeped across the globe, the imagery of the pop culture big shots also found purchasing in the hearts and minds of the young people. A vital element is the flashy images of rappers and other hip-hop stars was the Cuban Link Chains.

So, that is the reason why Cuban Link Chain is loved and sought after from the shores of Asia to the Coasts of America. You are as likely to find a Cuban chain in the streets of Tokyo as you are in the Florida. 

How much do Cuban link chains cost?

These Chains are very expensive; depending on the quality and quantity of gold, silver or diamond used, the price of Miami chains can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. But we at The Cuban Link Chain have committed to bring this passion to everyone without compromising on quality. Here you’ll find your desired link chain in all price ranges; thus, be it chain, bracelet, watch or choker, The Cuban Link Chain will fulfill your wish at the price of your choice.

What makes Cuban link chains special?

Here are few reasons which make Cuban link chains special and stand them out from other fashion accessories:

A rich cultural artifact: The Cuban link chains are rooted in history and culture. They are not invention of some desk bound merchant or a gimmicky sales man. In fact, Miami Cuban link chains are created by the people for the people. It was given its current shape after decades of evolution in the hearts and minds of people.

Sported by noted celebrities: The Cuban links are one of the most cherished pieces of jewelry and fashion item for many celebrities across the globe. Especially, the hip-hop stars and rappers really love it. Let us know about your favorite celebrity that wears them.

Rich versatility: Miami chains come in different sizes and shapes. Not only this they are made of many different materials, depending on your choice, such as gold, silver or diamond.

Adaptability: The link chains are highly adaptable. You can pair them with your watches, chokers, necklaces, bracelets or wristbands. You can be as creative as you wish with the link chains. The sky is the limit when it comes to improvising and adaptability.

The Best Collection of Cuban Link Chains

At our store – Italianaro — you’ll find the best collection of the Miami Cuban Link Chains. Continuous and untiring research helps us maintain the highest standards of quality. Our experienced team tirelessly strive to bring the most beautiful and cost-effective Cuban Link Chains at your door step. We largely rely on the feedback of our most valued customers to continuously adapt and reshape our inventory. Shop for your next chain now and let us know what you think about our Cuban Link Chains.